RUIGOR LINK 44 Slingbag Black-Grey

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Wear it your way – stay safe, connected and organised

The office is no longer what it used to be. Large desks, bulky computers and telephones, it's been a while ago. The office in the modern sense of the word is on your back. An 8-inch laptop or a tablet, one or two smartphones, papers, it all fits in the RUIGOR LINK 44 Crossover Sling Pack, which is fitted with a USB-connector port. This compact bag is handy for cycling or a short trip. The intelligent compartment system is enhanced with multiple, quickly accessible storage compartments for food, drinks, and small sports accessories.

  • Ultra ergonomic and lightweight
  • 5 litre volume 


A sense of security is something that people are seeking nowadays. When you are always on the move, you pass by lots of people in crowded situations. Obviously, you don’t want to get pickpocketed while waiting to cross the street or in any crowded space. To ease your mind, we have enhanced our backpack with hidden safety pockets and zippers. With RUIGOR you will outsmart thieves and find the sense of security you are looking for.


Nowadays we live in a world where we are always on the move, and where innovation and adaptability are critical. Wherever you go, you are connected with the world. Our days are long and ambitious, and demand a lot from our electronics, with empty batteries or continuing your journey with a low level to your next station as a result. Our bags are enhanced with an innovative USB port which allows you to charge your electronic devices on the go in full comfort. You will never have to travel will a low battery again while wearing a RUIGOR bag.


With a busy and active lifestyle, you don’t have the time to think about the safety of your belongings in every situation. It's something that you should be able to take for granted, but unfortunately, you can't. Pickpockets nowadays devise many creative ways to steal your belongings. RUIGOR is one step ahead, and with cut-resistant materials, you will outsmart them. With this backpack, you have the freedom to think about the things that matter in life.


Weight 450 g
Dimensions 20 × 9 × 31 cm
Weight (Pounds)

0.99 lb

Dimensions (Inches)

8" × 3.54" × 12.20"








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The RUIGOR LINK 44 Slingbag Black-Grey is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

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